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Latest Students' Reviews

“I am enjoying this course very much and would appreciate any feedback on how to improve”

“I have learned a great deal from your lessons and always look forward to the next one”.

“I always enjoy and look forward to my next lesson. You are a good lecturer!

“I am still enjoying the course and hope to finish module one within the month of April and immediately enroll for the remaining modules.

“I write to inform you that I have completed my video lessons on Module One of the Paralegal course.
I also want to thank you for a very enjoyable session. It was as if I was in a live class. You were very meticulous in your explanations and it was quite easy to follow the lessons.”
“Fantastic Service, I had so many questions and was unsure about what I should do and after speaking to someone from OTC, I now have confidence in my decision and know exactly what program to take that will benefit my career path.

Thanks a million guys.”

“It's really amazing to study with OTC Canada, the way Wendy explains everything in the lessons makes it so much easier for me to understand, Wendy is an amazing Tutor she makes is really easy for me as a student. I'm a mom I have a 2 year old daughter who's with me at home so the fact that I can do this online in my own time makes everything much easier.

I also love the fact that I can pause, or go back to a previous lesson at anytime and the quality of the video lessons is amazing. 

And what makes it also amazing is I like the fact that Wendy sometimes say something funny in the lessons which makes my day even better. 

I would strongly recommend OTC Canada to anyone interested in getting a diploma in Law.

I love studying with OTC Canada.
Have a great day.
“I have been able to access the modules/lectures on my smart phone with amazing visual and sound quality. Your lectures come through very clearly without any buffering on my cell phone.
I am enjoying the course - learning a lot.”

“I am enjoying this course very much and Wendy is an excellent instructor.”

“I am finding the Course incredibly interesting and useful!!

I am learning a lot, and I feel confident that it will help me a lot in my professional development!

Although sometimes it´s a lot of information, this module specifically is quite practical”. 

“I found the Course to be very well structured, knowledgeable, helpful staff & detailed. The processes I learned from the program have made me think differently, of life in general. I have even referred an individual for the program, who may have registered, or in the process of registering. I highly recommend the program”. 

“I have to say I liked the way you taught the lessons.

 You made it make sense.”

“Is there any way you may be able to rush through my final Corporate Law Exam? I have landed a Job Offer in a Law Firm as a Paralegal, & they 
require a certificate prior to officially hiring”. 

“As for the lessons, I think they are fabulous and I’m hoping to have the conveyancing portion completed within a fortnight. In fact I’m enjoying your program 
so much that I think I’ll make a start on the paralegal after I complete the secretary section”. 
“Thank you for providing this opportunity for those of us who live to far away from a school to be able to attend. I have enjoyed this first module and I look 
forward to continuing my education with you”. 

“Really enjoying the course so far.”

“I have been looking for a program like this in Canada for a while.  As I am a lawyer who has lots of transactions with many companies based in Canada and other countries, this knowledge would be very useful.”


“If I decide to proceed with this program I will contact this institution as you have shown me your level of commitment and professionalism towards prospect and future students.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.”

“There are schools in my province offering courses online but none that I like as much as yours”. 

“I'm not sure why it is so difficult to find applicable courses and programs through online delivery in Canada but I am ecstatic that I have found OTC. 
I have completed Module 1 of the Paralegal course and am awaiting the final quiz and am about to embark on Module 2. You are a great trainer Wendy. 
Thanks for offering your knowledge at such a reasonable price”. 

“I just thought I would let you know, that I was able to join the Canadian Association of Paralegals, with the approval of the attorney I work for.” 

 “I want to acquire my conveyancing certificate online and am having great difficulty finding anything in Canada - until now. I would like to 
  register to begin Module 5 in January”. 

 “Thanks for all your help. I will register for the Specialist Conveyancing Course beginning immediately, using the recorded video lessons. 
 This best suits my schedule and is the area I want to focus on”. 
“Thank you so much for the lessons. I am loving them”. 
“I know it has been awhile since I last wrote but I have been thoroughly enjoying the course and am learning a lot and look forward to 
 learning more”.