Online Distance Learning with OTC-Canada

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Online Distance Learning with OTC-Canada

Our Distance Learning method of study is the most convenient way to study.  All our programs are available worldwide and are accessible at your convenience on any device.  Everything is done online, including all tests which are conducted through our Live Classroom with a webcam for monitoring during tests.

What You Need

1. Computer with sound device

2. Broadband Connection

3. Printer

4. Windows 10 or equivalent or Mac OS with VLC Player

5. Headphones or Speakers

6. Webcam compulsory for all tests - not required for Office Administration Course

7. A4 writing pad

8. Pens or pencils

All courses are delivered online.   Register Online.   Pay online.   Tests are conducted live online.    All lessons are Tutor-led.

A Webcam is essential for monitoring during tests.

To provide a truly global service, we have introduced Recorded Video Lessons ‘On Demand’.   To deal with time zone differences, you can access our recorded video lessons from any computer, anywhere and at any time. You have complete control over the time spent studying. You get unlimited access to the lessons and you study at your own convenience.   All our lessons are accessible wherever there is Broadband internet worldwide.

Having unlimited access to the recorded lessons makes it all very convenient. You can study around work and family.

In today’s hectic environment, travelling to evening classes can become very inconvenient and it may not always be possible. Missing classes could make learning difficult. 

If there is an option to get a job now but starting classes may not be until some months’ time, losing such an opportunity will be quite frustrating.

Whenever you have questions, please email them to us and we aim to respond within the shortest possible time.