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Education is great.  
The right education is even better!

If you are a mature student, going back to full time education may not be an option.  

Let your work experience and OTC-Canada take your career to the next level.

Legal work experience is not necessary as we cover from Introduction to Advanced levels.

Study with us for a change of career.

Our Courses  
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Paralegal Courses with OTC-Canada

Paralegal Courses

Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
Diploma and Certificate Levels

Introduction to Intermediate level Diploma qualifies you as a Paralegal.
Modules 1, 2 & 3 must be completed unless exempt.

Advanced Diploma qualifies you as a Senior Paralegal.
Module 4 must be completed.
Each module can be taken separately.

If a full time course is not a feasible option, study with us and get qualified.

Legal Assistant Courses with OTC-Canada

Legal Assistant Courses

Certificate and Diploma Levels

Specialist Conveyancing Certificate
Specialist Litigation Certificate 
Combined Legal Assistant Diploma

Legal Assistants have a vital administrative role within law firms and other legal sectors.  They provide valuable administration skills to ensure the law practice or legal department of commercial companies remains efficient and well-organised.
In addition to typing and word processing skills, their knowledge of law must also be sufficient in order to deal efficiently with the work they are involved with.

Business Law Courses with OTC-Canada

Business Law Courses

Business Law Diploma and Certificate Levels

Having a working knowledge of Canadian Law is vital for the success of any employer or employee.
 Business Law Courses do not negate the services of an attorney. These courses are especially
designed to enhance the knowledge of employees and employers within the workplace.

Suitable for law students or anyone wishing to work within the legal sector who do not wish to complete a full paralegal program.

Office Administration Courses with OTC-Canada

Office Administration Course

Certificate Level 

With the increasingly competitive business world, the role of an Administrator has never been more important.
 Client Relations must be of prime importance.  

Whatever aspect of business you work in, having
Administrative Skills and Techniques will give you the confidence to perform to the best of your ability.

Office Administration Course includes Managing Others, Tailoring Your Style of Communication, Exercising Professional Conduct, Interviewing Skills, Writing Skills and much more!

Students' Reviews

“I will be starting work at a law firm on March 2nd and this course was at the request of my new employer. I have learnt a great deal. It was very fulfilling and I look forward to putting it into practice.”

Our online Distance Learning allows you to change careers and obtain law qualifications regardless of where you are located.
OTC-Canada remains a very popular institution because we get our students 'work-ready'.

We deliver practical legal skills and foundation law to have students work-ready for Conveyancing, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation,

Divorces, Corporate Law and Business Law.

We deliver flexible and convenient study method, excellent course structure, comprehensive courses and very competitive course fees.

OTC-Canada is the online college of law providing training courses throughout the provinces and overseas for Paralegals, Legal Assistants and Businesses.  

All courses are of National Competency Standards. Study with us from wherever you are located and qualify with a law diploma or certificate. Work for attorneys, real estate Agencies, public legal sectors or legal departments of commercial companies.

Lessons are delivered by our online Tutor.  Download the lessons and study at your convenience.

Exams are conducted online through our Live Classroom.  There are no hidden charges!  If re-sits are necessary there is $40.00 re-sit fee.

Register to start at any time.  Start studying within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays).

Privacy Policy

As part of our registration process, we will be given personal details.   These details will not be divulged willingly to any third parties, without the expressed consent of our clients.

For payments, we do not keep your bank account or card details and will never request any such information by telephone, email or text!

Be payment-safe online.

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