Terms & Conditions


To be eligible for the Legal Assistant courses, applicants require:

High School Diploma

Secretarial skills such as Typing and Audio Transcription 

IT, Word Processing experience or completed a Business Studies Course.

If you are a Mature Student, previous secretarial/administration work or skills are required.

To be eligible for the Paralegal and Business Law courses, applicants require:

High School Diploma 

Previous office experience and skills

All candidates must be fluent in English Language.

For Mature Students, previous work experience is required.

To be eligible for the Office Administration course, applicants require:

Previous office experience and skills

All candidates must be fluent in English Language.

Please ensure that you have, or have access to the entire range of computer hardware and software published on our Distance Learning page, prior to  starting a Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Business Law or Office Administration Course.

Course Fees

Course fees must be paid in full in advance of completing the Course.

Monthly instalments must be paid on the due date each month. 

All instalments must be completed in advance of completing the Course. If students wish to fast track their studies, payments must be completed earlier.


Cancellation of a Course must be in writing (email) to us within 14 days after being accepted - [email protected]. Failure to do so, will result in non-refund of payments.

All refunds will be subject to deduction of bank charges and processing fees.

There can be no refunds if a student starts and fails to complete a course after the cancellation period.

Time Limit

There is a time limit of 2 years to complete any of our Modules.

Modules are taken consecutively, not concurrently.

These Courses are not eligible for Visa Applications as they are accessible worldwide.

All Course Material supplied by us, whether written or oral, are for the sole purpose of studying with the College. They must not be re-produced, recorded or copied for use other than for the sole purpose of studying with us. Non-observance will result in breach of copyright and can lead to court proceedings.

Tax Credit

Our courses are not full-time attendance courses.  They are online distance-learning where students study at their own pace and submit assignments or work electronically, so they do not qualify for the tuition tax credit.  

Code of Conduct

Working within the legal sector represents trust, confidentiality. Legal Professionals must maintain clients' confidentiality at all times. Breach of Trust can lead to professional misconduct.

Online Training College promotes the highest standards of professionalism. By being a registered student with OTC you associate with a professional institution and you show that you subscribe to the College's strict code of conduct.

  1. Do not take unfair advantage in relation to others.
  2. Treat others with respect in all written and oral communication.
  3. Do not attempt to deceive or mislead. Trust is tantamount to good personal relations.
  4. Do not become complicit while others are being deceived.
  5. Do not automatically assume that you are being deceived or misled.
  6. Give others the opportunity to present their side.
  7. Respect the Opinion of others.
  8. Have patience and show understanding. 
  9. Respect the Rules & Requirements of the College
  10. Mutual respect to and from Tutors, Staff and Students.