Is a Career in Law For Me?

Article by OTC

Getting an insight into the legal profession is paramount when you are deciding whether to follow this career path.

Many college leavers tend to opt for a career in law without necessarily knowing whether they are capable of, or even want to deal with such levels of dedication, pressure, commitment, responsibility and the high level of client's confidentiality demanded.

If your perception of the legal profession is through drama, there is significantly more than seen on camera. Barrister Solicitors have hourly billing rates and as such, each minute of every day spent on clients' cases must be recorded for billing and such records meticulously kept for possible later scrutiny.

Before trials, they spend a long time preparing by researching, practising, having copious meetings and interviews. They will be there when their first client of the day has been rendered homeless. They will be there when someone has been arrested in the dead of the night and requires legal advice. They must be able to remain calm and reassuring. They must always be accurate so as not to be sued for mishandling cases and claims. They must ensure that the correct advice is given and followed in order to stave off clients' dissatisfaction.

In short, lawyers must be at the top of their game at all times.

If such high levels of commitment sound a bit daunting, you can still join the legal profession but on a less challenging level. You may consider becoming a Paralegal or a Legal Assistant.

Becoming a Paralegal means not having to qualify at the same level of Barrister Solicitor.  Paralegals and Legal Assistants can specialise in one area of law which will take considerably less time. Many Legal Assistants are now upskilling to become Paralegals and this trend is set to continue.

Online courses such as ours are offering more opportunities to become qualified Paralegals and Legal Assistants. Lawyers are relying more and more on the assistance of these new professionals. You can, in the first instance, qualify and work as a Paralegal then progress to a Barrister Solicitor at a later stage if you so wish.